WebApiAccess class usage


The class CkSoftware.GroupMe.Sdk.Core.WebApiAccess is somehow the heart of the GroupMe SDK. All GroupMe API calls are issued by the WebApiAccess class. Only this class opens Http connections and could be easily exchanged using a DependencyInjection framework, because all classes who needs a WebApiAccess class takes the interface CkSoftware.GroupMe.Sdk.Core.IWebApiAccess.

The WebApiAccess class can be used for all GroupMe API access, also for the GroupMe Imaging API access.

Usage / Construction

The WebApiAccess requires two parameters for the constructor:

Parameter name Description Example
baseUrl The API base URL as stated at the top of the GroupMe API documentation https://dev.groupme.com/docs/v3 "https://api.groupme.com/v3" for GroupMe API or "https://image.groupme.com" for imaging API
accessToken This token is either a bot accessToken (as stated here: https://dev.groupme.com/bots) or a accessToken received from a direct-member authentication (using the CkSoftware.GroupMe.Sdk.Helpers.Authorization.GroupMeClientAuthHelper class) "xxxxxxxxxxxxx" (no real example for security purposes)

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