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For communicating with friends and co-workers, the tool GroupMe ( is just quite perfect. There are clients available for the major mobile devices, additionally there is a perfect Html-App available on ther page.

As I tried to create a bot using their REST API, I soon realized that there are no .NET / C# libraries available which gives you a kick-start in using this API, so this was the hour of birth of this .NET SDK.

Sidenote: This SDK is an unofficial package, and was developed just in my spare-time. It is provided as a help for anyone who want to use GroupMe for creating applications :)



After some more hours of work, I can finally announce the first stable version 1.0.0 release of the GroupMe .NET SDK.

All major parts of the public GroupMe API are now implemented, including the following:
  • Groups management
  • Member of groups management
  • Group messages and direct messages support
  • Message like support
  • Bot management
  • Support for image, location and emoji attachments
  • Helper classes for authorization and emoji parsing / rendering

Also I finished the developer documentation for the package, it is available here:
or just use VisualStudio's Intellisense support.

To get the GroupMe .NET SDK into your project just add the CkSoftware.GroupMe.Sdk package using this command in the Package Manager Console:
Install-Package CkSoftware.GroupMe.Sdk 

or refer to the installation hints on the nuget page:

If you don't want to use NuGet, just download the release package here /releases/view/121414, extract the .zip into your solution directory and add references to all extracted .dll's.

That's it folks. If you have any issues or comments, please let me know.

For older news, please visit the Old News page.

Project support

If you want to support me and the GroupMe SDK, I'm glad if you donate anything :)

Current status

First stable version released, all major parts of the GroupMe API are available through the .NET SDK. Check /workitem/list/basic for any open issues.

Future features

Check /workitem/list/basic for any open issues or feature requests.
If you have any ideas or found any bug, please get in contact using /discussions or add a new issue here: /workitem/list/basic.

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